• How to add files to be rendered by Sphinx for documentation
  • How to get math to render in docstrings
  • How to check netifly output to see how things look
  • intersphinx mapping


  • Python variable naming conventions
  • Public vs. private methods (and what should be which)
  • When to use static methods and private functions rather than public methods
  • Descriptive variable names
  • Remove junk (commented out code, for example)
  • In general, just get familiar with the style of the code base that you are contributing to
  • Line lengths and using rulers for docstrings
  • Use a formatter tool like black


  • Need a laundry list of things that should always be tested
    • Input checking
    • Simple scenario where the algorithm does well
  • How to use Travis to see testing output


  • Basically just need to be intelligible to someone not in the lab and explain what you actually want to do


  • MAKE SURE you look at all of the contributing guidelines before a PR
  • Don’t need to close and open a new PR just to make changes
  • Make sure you don’t have random other file changes from other commits associated with the PR